About us


Love what you do,
do what you love.

Passion. Having punch. Knowing business. Living the difference. Creating trends. Focusing on quality. On-time delivery.

“As a seasoned international designer, I’ve known this business for more than 25 years. And I still love it. Love to create, design and work with fine fabrics. Located in the south of Germany, we work in a team of four,  hand in hand with our production experts all over the world. Anything we can do for you?”

What we do ...

  • creation, design, supervision of all production stages/processes
  • focus on outerwear, leather, cashmere,
    knitwear for women & men
  • predilection for fancy fashion, selected fabrics,
    exceptional design
  • large numbers, top quality, maximum flexibility,
    inter-seasonal collections
  • beyond fashion: shootings, lookbooks, POS-Packages

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Create, design and supervise.
All stages of production.
Focus on outerwear, leather,
cashmere and  knitwear.
Work with carefully selected manufacturers
who manage the impossible, time and again ...
more ...